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Fraud Text Alerts

Fraud text alert on a cell phone.

At Rivermark we are serious about protecting your account and cards from fraudulent activity. We’re making it easier to stay informed and to protect your account with Card Fraud Text Alerts starting on 12/9/20. If you have provided your mobile number to Rivermark, you will be automatically enrolled.

If our fraud monitoring system identifies a potentially suspicious transaction on your account, you will receive a text message from short code 37-268. Save time and avoid compromising your information with a simple text reply:

  • If the transaction is valid, reply YES, and the block on the card will be lifted.
  • If the transaction is fraud, reply NO, and you will be prompted to call Card Fraud at 877-253-8964.
  • The text will be followed by a phone call if there no response to the text within 15 minutes.

As always, Rivermark will never ask for member info such as card number, PIN, social security number, etc. If you receive a text from any number other than 37-268, that is not from Rivermark.