Beware of scam sign
Reminder: Never offer account information by phone, text or messenger with anyone claiming to be a Rivermark employee. We will never call or text you seeking your personal information.

During events such as this Pandemic, we get to see the best and worst in people. We would much rather talk about the good people out there doing amazing things, unfortunately, we need to discuss the bad actors. Scammers are capitalizing on the coronavirus outbreak by targeting businesses and consumers through various schemes. There has been a marked uptick in fraud attempts to take advantage of this situation. The bad actors are using the strong emotions around this event to try and catch us off guard. Please remain as vigilant on the internet as you are washing your hands. The following steps will help you all stay safe.

  • Think before you click. Fake sites are popping up purporting to provide news, cures, resources, and other information that is false. Beware of links in social media and web searches. Know where you are going by checking that link out before you click it. Search engines don’t always list your results in the order you might expect. Even better, only go to trusted sites directly for information.

  • Beware of the phish. Unsolicited emails are almost never safe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are not emailing you the most up to date information. If you receive emails about a cure or pandemic supplies, don’t open them.

  • Stock market turmoil is also generating “investment opportunity” scams. Follow the same guidelines listed above.

  • Sadly, we must also be careful about charitable contributions. Please be careful and only support individuals and organizations you know and trust.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself and your electronics.

Additional information on current scams: